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So Many Goodies To Show Off! - Btamamura's Rant Files
So Many Goodies To Show Off!
I know it has been a long time coming, but I have a goodies post to share! It's not that I lacked goodies...if anything, it's just me being lazy.

Oh! First off, my birthday was nice, though I was having a bad day in regards to my ongoing health issues (yep, still...) so I was in bed while Dad, Pa and Jason ate in the kitchen. The smell of food was making me feel worse. Pa gave me some money, Dad gave me a bluetooth accessible external hard drive for my tablet.

Missed out on going to dinner with Nan again. It was so surreal seeing her without Pop. She invited us to spend Christmas with her, but Dad had to work (and I likely would not have been great company anyway) so we had to decline.

I felt a little better on Christmas, but I ate in bed just in case. I did step out and speak with the family on occasion. Pa gave me some money, a torch and some homebrand Pringles. Dad gave me some money. Jason gave me the second boxset of Pokemon XY anime dubbed.

Tash and I are still friends after all, we cleared things up. She came by for a little while before and after Christmas, and I got to meet Baylee. Bryce is so proud of being a big brother, he loves his little sister to pieces!

I had my gastroscopy done on Monday. I had to go to Kyabram, about an hour's drive away, to have it done there. I took my new Danger Mouse plush with me for company and extra courage. It was so surreal...one second, I am in the OR having a prop put into my mouth (I was struggling with that because my mouth does not open widely) and then the next, I am in the recovery ward being told it was over. I'm getting my results in two weeks.

The next day, I was experiencing chest pains and my arms were heavy, so I called Nurse On Call to ask what I should do. They put me onto the Ambulance services. Within ten minutes, an ambulance came. I was given a brief examination, having my pulse, heart rate, blood pressure and temperature checked. (Poor Dad came home to see the ambulance in the driveway and me in the ambulance being examined!) They noted I was a bit tachycardic, so they took me up to the hospital for further examination. I had an ECG and chest x-ray done, as well as blood test and more checks on my pulse and blood pressure. No worries, all good! No internal damage from my gastroscopy and my heart is perfectly fine! Dad picked me up from the hospital and said 'I get chest pains, but I don't call a bloody ambulance!', but I know that is just his way of saying he's glad I am alright.

Okay, the news is over, time for some goodies! These will be done in fandom format as there are a LOT to get through!

Danger Mouse

Plush! The white mouse is Danger Mouse, and the hamster in the blue suit is his assistant and best friend Ernest Penfold. DM is a 1988 Russ plush, standing at about 15" tall. His fur is soft, but his head and torso are rather solid while his arms and legs are more floppy. The belt and badge are made of synthetic leather while his eye and nose are plastic. I don't know what the material is for his eyepatch, but the cord of it is a silk ribbon.
As for Penfold, he is from the late 90s, released as licensed by Fremantle Media. He is so soft and squishy! He is about 10" tall, great proportional height compared to DM!
I rarely have them apart from each other, though DM was the only one with me at the hospital both times.

Charity pins! All featuring DM and Penfold!
The ones with the dark backing are from Diabetes UK.
The ones featuring just their faces are from Headway. They're the Brain Injury Association.
The red backing is from Foyer, a charity dedicated to helping homeless youths.

Books and a DVD boxset!
The yellow item is the 30th anniversary DVD boxset. It has all ten seasons plus special features, including one of the original pilot episodes! There are also interviews with Brian Cosgrove and the late Mark Hall, a short documentary about the early works of Cosgrove Hall Productions (including Danger Mouse and The Wind in the Willows) and some ideas for the Danger Mouse theme song that still found its place in the series as BGM. My personal fave out of all of them is the smooth jazz version, but I love the fast-paced one they went with as well.
The blue book is The Danger Mouse Files, written by Brian Trueman (one of the original writers in the show). It contains some info on DM (born halfway up Mt. Everest, climbed the rest of the way when a couple of hours old), Penfold (literally dropped into headquarters after his cowardice interfered with his shopping), Colonel K (was a teacher, but responsible for disasters), Baron Greenback (hard to get info on him), Stiletto (his father threw him into the spaghetti patch after mishearing his wife) and Nero (a very nasty breed of caterpillar). There are also tips on how to be a spy/secret agent (good for pretend play with friends), more info about HQ, the Mark III vehicle and Greenback's robots. Finally, some comic and narrative adaptations of some episodes.
The red book is The Danger Mouse Tapes. It contains narrative adaptations of some episodes.


An itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny, fits-in-the-palm-of-your-hand plush of Tracey Sketchit! He was made by latiasylveon on pkmncollectors. His style is as if there was a trainer version of Pokedolls. As you can see, he comes with his backpack (helps him sit up) and his trademark sketchbook and pencil, ready to make observations of any Pokemon he sees! He's so tiny and adorable! (By the way, a larger Tracey plush is currently being made by the same person who made Albert a few years ago.)

Mascot plush of Togepi from Pokemon Centre's Pokemon Market promotion. I had to get it as soon as I saw it on the Sunyshore website, I love Togepi!

The Pokemon XY anime boxset my brother got me for Christmas! On the cover with Ash and Pikachu are Bonnie and Dedenne (Bonnie is Clemont's sister, Dedenne is his Pokemon at the moment, but he is letting her take care of it with full intention of giving it to her when she is old enough to get a trainer's license), Clemont and his Chespin, and Serena and her Fennekin.

A notebook from the Aurora Illusions collection, also from Pokemon Centre. The front cover features Altaria, Torchic, Whimsicott, Pikachu, Glaceon, Eevee, Articuno, Snover, Amaura, Piplup and a pair of Snowchus. On the back cover in snowflake prints are Pikachu, Eevee, the snowchus, Piplup and Glaceon. On the inside (not pictured), the bottoms of the pages are lined with the same snowflake print on the back including images of the Pokemon seen on the front.


Another custom plush of Choo-Choo from Top Cat! He was made by lordboop from DeviantArt. He's mostly made out of a minky material, though his turtleneck is fleece. He's about 6" tall and so soft and pleasant to the touch! I plan on commissioning the rest of the gang from the same artist down the line, the quality is probably better than most official plush I have seen of Top Cat! If you didn't know it was custom, you'd think it was official!

Remember my pin of Chooch? I have Huckleberry Hound now too! His description on the backing card says "Dinky Dog, Alfalfa Hound and Cactus Hound were just a few of the names that were considered for Huckleberry Hound and his favourite song is Clementine".

Bootleg Top Cat figures from Mexico. Featured are Officer Dibble (who is as thin as Ranger Smith), Spook, Fancy-Fancy (he can't stand on his own), Brain (fur is meant to be orange and shirt is missing black strip), Benny the Ball, Choo-Choo (with his green eyes!) and in the trashcan is Top Cat himself. As you can see, he doesn't quite fit in there because of his tail, so instead I let Fancy use it just so he can be upright.

Single Items

A figure of Robin Hood from Disney's Robin Hood. The name of the range he's from eludes me at the moment. He's the first of my Robin Hood goodies to arrive; I am also awaiting the arrival of a mini figure and Funko Pop! Vinyl figure of him, as well as beanbag plush of him and Maid Marian.

Final item, featuring the art style of her original creator Ludwig Bemelmans, a tin lunchbox of Madeline! I remember seeing this in the shops in the 90s but could never get it. Thank you, ebay! I use it to hold all of my pins and badges, including the ones pictured above. The picture on the lid that features Madeline and Genevieve is also used on the bottom, but the sides all have different illustrations including Miss Clavel and the other eleven little girls...one being Madeline saying "pooh-pooh" to the tiger in the zoo. Unfortunately, there are no photos of each of the sides.

So, there we have it! So much stuff! I will be getting more Danger Mouse stuff this year too, mostly figures and plush of DM, Penfold, Colonel K and Professor Squawkencluck (the niece of the original professor), maybe Jeopardy Mouse as well (DM's American female counterpart), all being released thanks to the reboot series released last year.

I'll try not to be so lazy and make more updates so you know I am still here. See ya!

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tsutsuji From: tsutsuji Date: February 5th, 2016 11:45 am (UTC) (Link)
I am so glad to see a post from you! *glomps*

I'm glad your heart tests came out okay. Always better to get these things checked out, especially when it's your heart! I hope you get some good information from your other tests soon.

Aw, all your new stuff is so cute! I like the HB miniatures the best. the custom made plush is really nice too, and that Madeline lunchbox is great.

Hang in there, and keep posting when you can! (I need to do better at that, too!)
btamamura From: btamamura Date: February 5th, 2016 12:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
It has been too long, huh?

Thank you. They almost kept me in hospital a little longer, just until the tachycardia had eased up. But, they noted when I heard there were no serious concerns that my heart beat did start slowing to a reasonable rate, so I was given the all-clear. I was half-expecting them to put me onto the Ambulance services on the phone when I mentioned chest pains; thank goodness they do take it seriously and don’t just say ‘take an aspirin’.

I am seriously hoping the gastroscopy has answers for what might be making me sick. The nurse who looked after me in Kyabram voiced that it could be a past trauma or my Depression doing it. But, while I do still have flashbacks of the bullying, it never got to the point it made me physically ill...the actual experience did for three months, but we’re talking over a year. Neither had caused me physical pains either, especially not in my hands and feet, so that is why I am convinced it is something else. Actually, I was starting to get better until the pains started, then I started going downhill...at least I can eat, though there are days my body says nope to food or drink...even reaching for a glass is enough to make my stomach churn.

Another Robin Hood arrived today, I will have to get a photo later.
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