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Been a While! Goodies Post - Btamamura's Rant Files
Been a While! Goodies Post
Hey, everyone! So, I was lazy and put off yet another goodies post for a few months again. Plus, mood and illness haven't helped. Yes, I am still sick and still getting worse with no answers in sight because my doctors keep giving me the same tests again and again even though we know they have nothing to do with it. I tried walking a block last week and almost passed out when I got back home, half an hour shopping had me in bed in a worse condition for a week. Something is up, but what?

Anyway, enough of the negative stuff. I have so many goodies to share! I couldn't get photos of some but will mention them in their respective categories. Here we go!

Danger Mouse

2016-04-11 00.40.27.jpg
All of the books I own so far. Annuals for 1984 and 1985, The Danger Mouse File and The Danger Mouse Tapes. The annuals contain original stories, activities and some information; the 1984 one even DM's family tree. I spoke about The Danger Mouse File in my last goodies post. The Danger Mouse Tapes is a collection of picture book adaptations of actual episodes.

2016-05-13 18.12.05.jpg

Poseable action figures released this year. DM came with a zipline and Penfold came with rocket boots and launcher. Naturally, I only wanted the figures so I have the accessories put away until I can take a good photo with them included. DM can stand, but this was taken when I was deciding to play around with them. Penfold can fit in the Mark IV Danger Car (sold separately, getting in a few weeks).

2016-05-13 17.55.50.jpg

Talking plushies, also released this year. DM’s three phrases are “There’s only ONE hero around here!”, “Activate iPatch!” and “Right! No more Mr. Nice Mouse!”. Penfold’s are “Oh, crumbs!”, “Oh, crikey! Is there a Plan B?” and giggling. Penfold’s giggling made me laugh when I heard it because it seemed like I had tickled him.

2016-05-20 22.06.13.jpg

Large talking figure of DM. He came with a jetpack, but similar to the smaller figures, I put that away. His iPatch can glow in the dark. His phrases are similar to the plush, though some include jetpack and iPatch sound effects, and an additional phrase is “Come on, Penfold!”.


2016-05-20 22.17.08.jpg

Marx Tinykins figure of Choo-Choo from Top Cat. He’s missing the black (or white depending on media) tip of his tail. He’s a tiny figure. I plan on getting the rest of the gang and Dibble eventually. Next will be Spook.

2016-05-20 22.12.26.jpg

Official Warner Bros. Store beanbag plush of Huckleberry Hound. He’s so small and soft and cute! I also have Snagglepuss on the way!

Disney’s Robin Hood

2016-03-09 07.29.40-1.jpg

Custom amigurumi plush of Robin Hood made by car2in-Bitz. I saw the artist had made one on DeviantArt and they were open for commissions. I decided to ask if they would be able to make another as a commission and they responded they already had one for sale on ArtFire. I bought him from that site, but because of my originally requesting a commission, they gave him a belt buckle and quiver of arrows for no extra charge.

2016-05-20 22.16.53.jpg

BULLYLAND figure of Robin Hood. He’s not as small as my Choo-Choo figure but smaller than the Penfold figure.

2016-05-20 22.14.19.jpg

Sears plush of Robin Hood from the 1970s. He’s soft and cuddly and very well-made. I am also getting Maid Marian from the same range, just looking for one with the veil.

2016-05-20 22.13.26.jpg

POP! Vinyl figure of Robin Hood. He is happily positioned beside my figure of Huck on my bedside cupboard.

2016-05-20 22.07.54.jpg

Official Disney Store plush of Maid Marian and Robin Hood. Marian is 16” and Robin is 18”. These are the best of the Disney Store plush for the attention to detail they paid to both, especially Marian. For one thing, her fur is the correct colour (you’ll soon see what I mean) and her clothes don’t look ‘cheap’. Robin’s face is nice and scruffy too.

2016-05-20 22.05.09.jpg

Famosa figures of Maid Marian and Robin Hood. You’ll remember Robin from my last goodies post. I finally found Maid Marian! She was still in her box and came with a badminton racquet which, again, has been stored away. My photos do not do them justice.

2016-03-09 07.31.57-1.jpg

Takara TOMY Japanese beanbag plush of Robin Hood. He was made for the Disney Beans collection, specifically for the 110th anniversary set. I had some fun trying to get him. Found him on ebay, they were sold out. Found him on Amazon UK, he was sold out. Found another one a few weeks later and got him! He’s one of the more adorable and as soon as I saw him, I knew I would cave.


Official Disney Store beanbag plush of Maid Marian and Robin Hood. I think you now see what I meant about Marian’s colouring. They’re still cute though it took a little while to get used to the open mouths looking like frogs’ mouths. XD

Disney’s Zootopia

2016-05-20 22.20.12.jpg

Mini poseable figures of Finnick, Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps and Dawn Bellwether. They came in sets of two (Nick/Finnick, Judy/Bellwether) though I wish the set was Nick/Judy as they are my faves from the movie. I’m cool with Finnick, but dislike Bellwether...reasons why would be spoilers so I won’t say, but let’s just see she struck a personal chord.

2016-05-20 22.03.03.jpg

TOMY plush of Judy and Nick. Cute and cuddly, though I wish Judy’s ears would stand up straighter and Nick’s snout is a little thin. Ah, well, still adorable.

I also have an activity tin (colouring book, activity book, poster and stickers), colouring book activity set (one of those standard sorts in plastic packaging that comes with pencils, book and activity pad) and the novel of the movie. Soon to add Disney Store plush of Nick and Judy, mini beanbag plush of the same and the DVD of the movie which I absolutely love and recommend. It touches on prejudice and discrimination, important issues, but does not dumb them down to be patronising to kids.


2016-05-20 22.21.49.jpg

Eight Pikachu figures. These were released in sets of four for the 20th anniversary collection. Each has a pearlised appearance and had originally been released with standard appearance as gachapon figures when the Best Wishes series was on in Japan.

2016-05-20 22.14.54.jpg

Official Japanese Pokedoll of Venusaur from 2003. My very first legit Pokedoll is of the Pokemon that inspired me to look into getting one! See, a few years ago, I saw one that belonged to my friend and decided right then and there I really wanted one too. I finally found a legit one that was affordable instead of $500 or in an auction!

I also got a notebook with a cover designed like a PokeDex and White 2 on DS, it was previously owned but got it for a good deal!

Warner Bros.

2016-05-13 17.59.10.jpg

Official Warner Bros. Store plush of Pepe le Pew, my fave Looney Tunes character (aside from Tweety Pie, Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny). I’ve always had an affinity for this French skunk! I’ll have to look into getting a plush of Penelope Pussycat to keep him company (plus, they’re a canon couple).

Avenger Penguins

2016-05-20 22.15.47.jpg2016-05-20 22.16.04.jpg

Custom plush of Bluey Penguin. I had him commissioned from ScarletTigerStudios on Etsy. In the series, he usually wears his helmet over his eyes but has had it removed or lifted on a few occasions, so the artist made it so I can lift his helmet, showing his eyes. Bluey is a gibberish-speaking penguin voiced by Jimmy Hibbert, and I found out from Jimmy himself that Bluey’s lines was actually written as gibberish in the script!

Albert the Fifth Musketeer

2016-03-25 17.32.57.jpg

Official merchandise for this series is very rare! This is some of the stuff I have. The picture books are based off the episodes of the same titles from the series. The King’s Complex has the King feeling like he is the smallest man in the kingdom due to words from the Cardinal. Albert was meant to meet the King since he is smaller, but was imprisoned by Milady for that reason. There, he met a smaller man named Little John who does go to meet the King when they break out. In Cocoa Mission, the Musketeers have to get more chocolates for the King and in order to do so, have to travel to Flanders where French and Spaniards are having a war.

The plush of Albert de Parmagnan is a custom-made one I commissioned from Stove and Yoshi Productions a few years ago. His hat can be removed, and I love his cheeky facial expression. The same artist is making a Tracey plush for me this year (paid, just waiting for completion).

I also own a copy of the first official VHS, the only volume released here (the UK got two volumes). I suspect it may be at Pa’s house now though.

PHEW!! So many goodies, huh? Still collecting though and I doubt that will stop anytime soon! Be seeing you next time!

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bluefirevixon From: bluefirevixon Date: May 22nd, 2016 04:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
Goodness that's alot of stuff but good to see you posting here again =3
btamamura From: btamamura Date: June 2nd, 2016 12:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
And of course there is more to come! But, alas, the SD card in my phone died (thank goodness I had printed out Bryce’s baby photos).
bluefirevixon From: bluefirevixon Date: June 2nd, 2016 12:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
shame to hear about the SD card died on you but it was a good thing you printed out the baby photos while you did =3

I'll be looking forward on the rest of them X3
gatorblits From: gatorblits Date: September 21st, 2016 11:40 am (UTC) (Link)
Ooh I've been wondering what the newer DM plush says. He's been hard to get hold of around my town! I was hoping they'd differ more from the big figure and maybe have a "good grief" in there, aw well! Love seeing your collection pics! :D
btamamura From: btamamura Date: September 21st, 2016 02:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
I do miss his ‘good grief!’, that and ‘Penfold, shush!’ served as his more iconic lines. I got mine off ebay, still seeing them floating around on there.

By the way, I saw your Dangerfold fanart, it was so cute!! Super awesome of the official twitter sharing it and using those emoticons to show how much they liked it! (Now I am even more convinced they have shippers in their team. XD)
gatorblits From: gatorblits Date: September 24th, 2016 07:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
My mom got me a Penfold from a local shop but yeh looks like I'll have to grab a DM off eBay. I can't resist that goofy ole face! ;u;

OH MAN :'D Thanks a lot! YEA some of the DM team seemed to pass it around for a giggle WHICH WAS UM...UNEXPECTED? But so awesome, I hope they do have shippers among them for the continued laughs and fun subtext, hahaha.

Edited at 2016-09-24 07:41 pm (UTC)
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