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Btamamura's Rant Files — LiveJournal
This is the place where you can find all of my claims in blog crews and claim memes. Will have additions...


Keeper of[[Yasuaki's Beads]]
[[Yasutsugu's "Mondai Nai"]]
[[Ridvan's Mask]]
@ haruka!keepers

I won in a pillow fight against →Camus← of Meine Liebe

I won in a pillow fight against →Lumiale← of Angelique

「Harukanaru Toki no Naka de」 → ☼ Abe no Yasuaki (Genbu of Earth)


♥♥ Is my seiyuu ♥♥
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I tend to forget I have this, better comment so I don’t lose it.

Life’s been...well, I’m still alive, we’ll leave it at that.

Been getting into more anime, mostly male idol series but other sorts as well.

Anyway, just a very brief check-in.


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What a week I had!

Guess where I was from 30/3 - 7/4? Not on a holiday... I was in hospital.

I reported to the emergency department the Thursday night because I hadn't been able to eat for close to a week but was still bringing something up. They saw me pretty much right away.

My bloods and such were tested and I had lots of ketones so they kept me in Short Stay on a saline drip. Further blood tests revealed low sugar levels and my blood was acidic. I was moved to the Medical ward on the Saturday, diagnosed anorexic. I also had glucose via IV, then they noticed my potassium was super-low on Sunday so they gave me that via IV. (Word of warning, that stuff hurts! They had to do it slowly in half doses so I wouldn't feel like my arm was being snapped in half.) That night, I was hooked up to a portable heart monitor and was also given magnesium via IV. (Two canulas, one in each arm.)

The next morning, I went to the toilet and a nurse rushed in to make sure I was alright. The monitor was hooked up to their computer so they were alerted when I went tachycardic. My heart rate is normally between 90-100, it got up to 150. Had more potassium and then some magnesium gluconate. The doctor made his rounds and informed me straight out that if I didn't start eating, I would require a feeding tube...otherwise I would die. My body was in Refeeding mode so it was important for me to keep eating. I also met my nutritionist and we discussed ways to get through days I lack appetite, how to combat nausea (been taking "wafers" that dissolve in the mouth) and ways to improve dietary intake. I also met a social worker.

The next day, I was still on the monitor and still had nurses rushing in when I walked to the toilet, so we had to come up with a plan. Instead of me walking to the loo, they brought me a pan. (I still had nurses rushing in to ask if I was alright, though I only got to 130 instead.) I spoke with a psychiatrist and was put back on mirtazapine (anti-depressant/sleeping pill).

Next day, my levels had improved so I was able to get off the monitor. My heart rate was back to normal and I was encouraged to take small walks. None that day though, my breakfast didn't agree with me so I spent the day back and forth to the loo. I started taking supplements (magnesium, potassium and thyamine) which were crushed up and mixed into ice-cream for me (though I also had dissolvable phosphate that tasted like lemonade) since I can't swallow pills.

Thursday I got news I had been hoping for...I would be going home! Though it didn't happen until Friday, it was still great news.

I mainly passed my time watching TV, they had a ton of cartoons going on one channel and when the time was right, I would watch Danger Mouse, Pointless (hosted by Alexander Armstrong, new VA for Danger Mouse) and Spicks n Specks. My main visitors were Pa, Tash (and her kids Bryce and Baylee), Dad, two of my aunts, my brother and his girlfriend.

I am happily home again, my dog cuddled up beside me. Just finished breakfast.

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So, here is a quick update.

- Had a barium swallow test done (tasted like spearmint)
- Had an ultrasound on my neck done. The size of my thyroid suggests possible Thyroiditis.
- Doctor ordered another blood test to check for Thyroiditis, specifically Hashimoto's Disease.
- Gastroenterologist referred me to a surgeon for further analysis of my thyroid and if I require a procedure.
- Seeing the surgeon in April.
- Still sick, still sore, had some good days (meaning able to eat twice a day and can do light housework) but am back to bad days (can manage once a day, pain spikes, even light housework is too much).

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Just a small update to say I am still alive, still active just very sporadic these days.

Anyway, it has been two years since I got sick and still have no formal diagnosis. So far, we know I have an auto-immune condition and it is not lupus. Thankfully. But, no signs of getting better anytime soon. It also might be linked to my thyroid.

Seeing my gastroenterologist a week before Christmas. I was meant to see him tomorrow, but it was then moved to December 13, a week after my birthday, and then settled on the 19th. I hope it stays.

I don’t have any plans for my birthday this year. Last year’s attempts at a home celebration were a bust due to my stomach saying ‘nope!’ all day to the point the smell of food had me rushing outside just in case. No point in making plans, they can never hold firm because my condition is unpredictable. So, my 31st birthday will be spent playing Pokemon and watching stuff.

Photos of goodies will come eventually, I just need to feel up to getting up and taking so many photos. They’ll include Sherlock Holmes books and a boxset of the Granada series, more plushies and figures, DVDs...you know, the usual, oh and more books and the issues of Danger Mouse magazine I have.

So yeah, there is my quick update.

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Hey, all. Life is same-old, same-old so I won’t bore you with the details I am sure you know are coming. But, basically, yes I am still sick.

Although, I have been watching the Granada adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. From what I’ve heard, the series is pretty faithful to the original works by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It stars Jeremy Brett as Holmes, and Watson was played by two actors; David Burke and Edward Hardwicke. Episodes are on youtube and dailymotion, but I am also getting the series boxset in due time.

Anyway, not a lot to share, so no cuts.

Meitantei Holmes/Sherlock Hound
Yep, I recently checked this series out and have loved it! Anyway, these are bootleg figures from Portugal. The characters are...
Smiley, Professor James Moriarty
Inspector Lestrade, Sherlock Holmes/Hound, Mrs. Marie Hudson, Dr. John H. Watson

Disney’s Robin Hood
Four comic issues. I got them all from Aussie sellers so yay for not having to pay too much for shipping! They’re in pretty good quality, though I wish they were more careful when inking the comic. Not the sellers the artists. There are times the colours run and Robin and Maid Marian have fully orange faces when their snouts are meant to be white.

Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective
Official chocoball figures that were shipped from Japan. The detail is amazing, and though they were a bit fussy when I was putting them together, they eventually behaved themselves.
Characters are...
Olivia Flaversham, Dr. David Q. Dawson and Basil of Baker Street.

I found out my plush of Tracey is almost finished. The artist is also making a surprise to go with him to apologise for having me wait for six months though I told her I completely understand her schedule has been hectic.

And there we have it!

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Not a medical update, still going nowhere with that.

My nephew Bryce is talking more and more. When Tash came over the other morning, I was saying ‘see you, love you!’. Bryce echoed it! It was so adorable!
Baylee, his little sister, can roll onto her back from her tummy on her own now.
I swear, I have the Teary Aunts...I’m so proud of both of them!

Goodies time! There aren’t a lot, so I will just post them under categories but forgo the cuts.

Remember the Huckleberry Hound plush? (Well, if you don’t, he’s pictured with Snag xD) I got Snagglepuss as well. They’re both beanbag plush from Warner Bros. Store dated 2012.

Danger Mouse
This is my newest Danger Mouse plush. He’s a beanbag plush licensed by Fremantle Media, he could be from the 2000s and is from the same range as my larger Penfold, though is actually the same size as my talking DM.

More plushies of Nick Wilde and Officer Judy Hopps!
The smaller ones are TOMY beanbag plush. Nick’s snout isn’t as thin as the taller one and Judy’s ears seem to want to behave this time!
The larger ones are official Disney Store plush. The detail is amazing! Nick’s tie is silk and Judy’s vest is faux leather. They also darkened the tip of Nick’s tail and the tips of Judy’s ears.

Hah, so that’s it! Nothing new coming this fortnight because I was getting a gift hamper for my second-cousin Telisha.

I’ll see you next time, whenever that will be!

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Hey, everyone! So, I was lazy and put off yet another goodies post for a few months again. Plus, mood and illness haven't helped. Yes, I am still sick and still getting worse with no answers in sight because my doctors keep giving me the same tests again and again even though we know they have nothing to do with it. I tried walking a block last week and almost passed out when I got back home, half an hour shopping had me in bed in a worse condition for a week. Something is up, but what?

Anyway, enough of the negative stuff. I have so many goodies to share! I couldn't get photos of some but will mention them in their respective categories. Here we go!

Danger Mouse
“Oh, crumbs! What’s under here?!” “Let’s find out! Activate iPatch!”Collapse )

One pink cat and one blue dogCollapse )

Disney’s Robin Hood
Oo-de-lally! There is a LOT here!Collapse )

Disney’s Zootopia
In Zootopia, anyone can be anything!Collapse )

Still hoping to catch ‘em all!Collapse )

Warner Bros.
Oh la la! Is a handsome French skunk, yes?Collapse )

Avenger Penguins
Bwarg ahh! (Bike up!)Collapse )

Albert the Fifth Musketeer
He’s sharp! He’s cool! He’s nobody’s fool!Collapse )

PHEW!! So many goodies, huh? Still collecting though and I doubt that will stop anytime soon! Be seeing you next time!

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Good news - No cancer or anything like that.
Bad news - Nothing was found, still without answers.

I am being referred to a gastroenterologist and need to do a stool sample test, so while it’s good the doctor isn’t giving up yet, I’m beyond disappointed and all-out miserable that this still isn’t over.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled it’s not cancer! I just...I wish I had some answers by now. I don’t want to be one of those patients that has the doctor give up and say it was nothing, only for me to find out from another doctor down the track that it is something and it’s a big deal. I am even more convinced now that what I have is hidden.

They want me to start Work for the Dole. How can I when I can’t leave the house without a vomit bag? How can I when there are days walking around the house or touching anything at all is too painful?

I want this to be over!!

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I know it has been a long time coming, but I have a goodies post to share! It's not that I lacked goodies...if anything, it's just me being lazy.

What has life had in store for me?Collapse )

Okay, the news is over, time for some goodies! These will be done in fandom format as there are a LOT to get through!

Danger Mouse
The White Wonder and his assistant are under here! Shh, don't tell Greenback!Collapse )

Still trying to catch 'em all! XDCollapse )

Kitties and a hound dog!Collapse )

Single Items
Robin Hood and MadelineCollapse )

So, there we have it! So much stuff! I will be getting more Danger Mouse stuff this year too, mostly figures and plush of DM, Penfold, Colonel K and Professor Squawkencluck (the niece of the original professor), maybe Jeopardy Mouse as well (DM's American female counterpart), all being released thanks to the reboot series released last year.

I'll try not to be so lazy and make more updates so you know I am still here. See ya!

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Hi, long time, no see! Before I get into the goodies, I have some life updates first.

So far, still no news on when my gastroscopy will be. I had another blood test and this time, it came up deficient in iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. I'm on tablet supplements for the iron and D, while B12 is being taken care of by injection every six weeks. Because that hadn't shown up previously, I asked if having a heavier period could contribute to it.

The other day, I had an ultrasound of my uterus, ovaries and kidneys to see if I may be menhorragic or if there are other present problems in my inner lady parts. Hope not.

Tash and I aren't friends anymore. I was meant to help her out over the last couple of weeks with minding Bryce in case she went into labour (as she was due on the 11th) but with my health, I am not exactly in any condition to run after a playful 2-year-old (if anything, I'd be in bed more of the time, not someone who can look after a toddler), and I don't know the first thing about minding kids! I would've been bothering her with phonecalls non-stop when she was meant to be resting after giving birth. So, because I let her down in such a big way, our friendship has been terminated. I'm going to miss spending time with Bryce, and I am sad I didn't get to meet Baylee. But...other than that, I don't feel too sad about losing Tash as a friend right now. It might hit me later, maybe not. I don't know. How did I find out about our friendship being over? She unfriended me on Facebook. Maybe that's why I don't feel as bad about it.

Not long until I am 30. I was going to go on a holiday, but well...that will have to wait until I am well again. Oh well, when I am, I'll be ready for a big trip to Queensland or something. Might even be able to catch Gee and Leila since they're currently occupied with other events (Leila being with family that lives in another part of Australia, Gee working on a huge art project). Not going to have a party, doubt I'll be able to go out for dinner either. So, I'll just be at home doing what I did last year; nostalgia marathon!

Been rewatching Danger Mouse. I can't get over how hilarious it is! Both versions, really. I did watch the original as a kid, but the dialogue flew right over my head so it was a bit dull to me back then. Now, I get all of the gags so I can enjoy it more. I'm going to see about getting the 30th anniversary boxset for my birthday, if not Christmas.


Okay, now that all of that is out of the way, time for the goodies! I'm like a month or so late with this, but here goes!

Hanna-Barbera Commissions

First up, we have the wife of Huckleberry Hound, a cute little plush of Desert Flower. She was featured in 'The Good, the Bad and Huckleberry Hound'. She's made of fleece, and is so soft and cuddly, it was hard to put her down. She measures at about 3". She's currently cuddled up with her husband. The artist was vulpes_canis.

Here we have Choo-Choo from the series 'Top Cat'. He too is made from fleece. He's larger than Desert Flower, standing at 8". His face is flat, but it adds to the uniqueness of this one. He's not going to be my only Choo-Choo either, I am having more commissioned for variety. He was made by an artist on Tumblr called teensiest.


I have two of these notebooks, they're from the Pokemon Sepia Graffiti range. The illustration on the inside is the same as featured on the back cover.

The Pokemon Time collection did a special Eeveelutions set, focusing only on Eevee and all of its evolved forms (Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon). I got mascot plush of Vaporeon and Sylveon, two of my fave Eeveelus (the third being Glaceon). They're official, not bootleg. They're made of a minky fabric, so they are very soft to the touch. Still thinking of nicknames for these two ladies.

Uta no Prince-sama

These were get well soon and cheer-up gifts from shiroi_ume. The screen cleaner, cracker charm and badge all feature Shinomiya Natsuki, my fave character (aside from Sho and Haruka). The figure is Piyo-chan, one of the mascots of the series (along with the music note Onpu-kun). Piyo-chan is also one of Natsuki's fave characters in-series, so it's suitable there's something of her to join all of these Nacchan goodies.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Equestria Girls

These figures of Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy came from a Kinder Surprise collection (it also had their pony forms, but I focused on the human forms). They have pony ears and brushable tails (the stand doubles as a comb), though Twilight, Dash and Fluttershy are all missing their wings to be completely ponied-up (Pony Up is the term used when they become anthro pony girls).

Hahh, there we go. Goodies post done! Heh, it might be a little while before my next one. Hmm...might actually make my next one on my birthday so I can show off pressies too. I'll keep you informed of my health updates when something new comes up. I'm getting my results on Monday, so wish me luck that all is good at least in my uterus, ovaries and kidneys. Last thing I want is another concern to come up when the first issue (a year of nausea, 10 months of pains) still has to be dealt with.

Anyway, included in that goodies post may be another Choo-Choo, a tiny custom plush of Tracey (yep, finally having him made...he'll be about the same height as Desert Flower), maybe something of Danger Mouse?

Okay, see you all later!

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My large Snagglepuss plush arrived earlier this week. I already put pictures of him on Tumblr. Anyway, here he is...

Here he is with large Huck...

My Kinder Surprise figures of human Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, as seen in Equestria Girls, arrived, but I haven't been in a mood to take photos of them yet. Maybe next week.

The next H-B plush I will be showing off in a couple of weeks is a commissioned plush of Desert Flower, she was shipped out on Thursday.

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The shock is slowly fading, making way for sadness. I’ve been distracting myself by playing games and watching stuff. When not doing that, I’ve been sleeping. I feel very drained for the most part.

Out of Dad, Jason and I, I was first to know. Nan left a voicemail on Dad’s phone but he didn’t check it as he thought it was just her wishing him a happy birthday, and he, Pa and Jason were out for dinner (I was too sick to go) so he’d planned on checking after getting home but he forgot. I saw Nan’s text message yesterday morning and called Jason to let him know...couldn’t call Dad since he was at work. Dad found he should’ve checked his messages after seeing posts Jason and I left on Facebook.

I realised yesterday that last year’s pre-Christmas dinner was the last one we could have with Pop, and I couldn’t go due to being sick. I missed a great opportunity to spend more time with him. I regret it, even if it was out of my control. I won’t dwell on it though, because as a good friend said, now he’s watching over us alongside Mum, Aunty Wendy and everyone else who already departed to Heaven. Dwelling on that regret will only serve to make things worse, as Tash told me when I shared regrets of not visiting Aunty Wendy before she died.

Due to my health, I won’t be able to attend the funeral. It will more than likely be in Melbourne, if not Blackburn, Leongatha, Foster or Toora, so I don’t know if Dad and Jason will be able to go either.

Pop was a very warm grandfather. He had firm yet gentle hugs and listened with an open mind. He rarely got angry, instead he smiled a lot and would sing to himself, whether he was getting some coffee or gardening. He had a great sense of humour, he could be very cheeky when he wanted to be. He was welcoming to my friend Gabby when she stayed with us at their house during a holiday, and was warm towards Tash when he first met her (and, like Nan, assumed she was my girlfriend but we’re more like sisters from different bloodlines and distant cousins through marriage). I spent a lot of my youth staying with Nan and Pop, three times it was due to serious situations. The first was when Mum was in hospital after having a gall stone removed, it was just me since Jason was an infant. The second, Jason and I stayed with them during the first month Mum was at first believed to have pneumonia, later found to be lung cancer. The third time was when I was 18 and first diagnosed with Depression, it was very bad so I stayed with Nan and Pop to get away from stress. Each time, they both made sure we felt welcome there.

Pop was one of the good ones, and we are seriously going to miss him. Rest in peace, Pop. I’ll see you when my time comes. Hope you have a nice time in Heaven catching up with everyone you knew in life.

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My pop passed away. It was a sudden heart attack, it was quick so he wasn’t in pain. He lived a long and enjoyable life. I only saw him once a year, around Christmas, since he and Nan live 6 hours away. He’ll be greatly missed.

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I got yet another plush of Huck! I only paid $5 before shipping (which wasn’t that bad) and he was still in great condition! He was made by Mattel as part of their Cartoon Club collection in the 90s.

The back of his box came with some stats too...

Name - Huckleberry Hound
Nickname - Huck, alias, The Purple Pumpernickel
Address - No permanent address, Huck was a ramblin’ hound
Phone - 555-Y’ALL
Sex - Male
Colour - Blue
Height - Average for a hound dog
Weight - Now that’s gettin’ darn personal
Eyes - Black
Favourite phrases - “Man, that was a might heavy tree” or some such understatement
Occupation - Adventurous good deed doer
Marital Status - Single (What about Desert Flower...)
Children - None (...and his sons and daughter?)
Pets - None
Neighbours - None
Dislikes - Too easygoing to have any
Likes - Blissfully singing a few bars of ‘Clementine’
Vehicle Description - Whatever his occupation calls for

Soon to come will be a new plush of Snagglepuss, Kinder Surprise figures of Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy as humans and a commissioned custom plush of Desert Flower.

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Just called the hospital to ask how my progress on the waiting list is going.

Because I am a category 2 patient (semi-urgent) and the waiting list has 150 people including myself, it could be another TWO MONTHS before they let me know a date I can go in.
I am due to see the GP to have my medical certificate extended again. I will mention those times I felt worse. Here’s hoping that helps push me up the list a little. It’s been 11 months since it all started with THIS in itself. Never mind the pains... *sigh*

I’ll continue to keep you all updated.

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This should've been done a while ago, but when I hadn't already made the post after everything in a previous purchase lot had arrived, I decided to wait until everything had arrived before making this one. I'm splitting it into the series this time. Here goes!

Hanna-Barbera Goodies (mostly Huckleberry Hound)
2015-08-18 12.17.41-1.jpg2015-08-21 13.34.31.jpg2015-09-04 19.14.45-1.jpg
2015-09-04 19.16.52-1.jpg2015-09-18 19.23.51-1.jpg2015-09-18 19.26.34-1.jpg
First up is a Pop! Vinyl figure of Huck. I got him through the EB Games website, so shipping didn't cost a buttload. He arrived a couple of days after he'd been shipped. He's currently sitting on the mini cupboard right beside my bed.
The badge is of Choo-Choo from Top Cat, it's a legit badge released from Cartoon Network's Boomerang. He's still in the plastic on his backing card to keep him safe until I have the right time to wear him. He's currently my only Choo-Choo item.
Following up is the Flintstones Fun Book. Don't be fooled by the title, there are comics of others too including Huck, Snagglepuss, Scooby-Doo, The Jetsons, Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy, Quick Draw McGraw, Top Cat, Speed Buggy... It was a good price, still in good condition and thanks to it being from an Aussie seller, I did not have to pay a buttload for shipping!
After that is a large plush of Huck that was made in 1985, the year I was born. It's 15" tall and is sitting on my bed. The material is very soft, but the insides are more firm. Still, this is the plush I intend to take with me on my 30th birthday holiday if I am able to go on it.
Then we have a figure of Huck from the Minilands collection. Don't be fooled by the name, he's actually a large figure, probably the same size as my Pop! Vinyl figure.
Finally, two stampers of Huck and Snag as they are seen in the series Yo Yogi!. I won them in a set with three other stampers that will be shown soon. The ink pads inside have dried so I will just get a new pad. These will be nice to use on letters and such.


The first picture has two notebooks and a figure all featuring Pikachu, my fave Pokemon. The notebooks show the inside and outside contents. I bought two because when it comes to me, I can never have enough notebooks to write fanfics in. Plus, they're super-cute! There'd been a huge Pikachu event in Japan about the time of the release of the Pikachu Carnival goods. The figure is from the Otasuke (Helping) Pikachu collection. They're figures that you can put on devices in your home or office. The figure I have is one that you wrap the cord of headphones around. But, I like just using it as a figure instead.
The second picture is a Bandai action figure of the legendary Pokemon Celebi. The legs and head are able to move. It's a small figure, just a little bigger than the Pikachu in the first picture. She and the Pikachu are sitting with Pop! Vinyl Huck.

Miscellaneous (Madeline, My Little Pony, Disney)
2015-09-04 19.18.28-1.jpg
The DVDs are all of Madeline. The first one is actually a 6-disk boxset of the whole cartoon series. That's the six specials and all of seasons one, two and three! I finally have every episode on DVD now. I'm giving my old DVD lot (still in good condition) to Telisha for her daughter Imigene. The second DVD is the first animated movie Madeline: Lost in Paris. I used to have it on VHS. Third is the second animated movie My Fair Madeline. The only DVDs currently missing from my collection are the live action movie from 1998 (I have it on VHS but would love the DVD too) and the third and last (so far) animated movie Madeline in Tahiti...but I can only find that in Polish...
The plush is of Fluttershy and is a TY Beanie Baby clip-on plush. Her mane is a little hard to manage.
Remember those stampers from earlier? Here are the other three I got in the lot. Gruffi Gummi from Gummi Bears, and Louie and Kit from Tailspin, both Disney series. Just like the ones of Huck and Snag, the inkpads dried so I will use a different pad when I use them.

Phew! There we go! Those are all of my latest goodies from over the last month or so.

I've got commissions on the way soon too! An artist on Tumblr is making Choo-Choo (and eventually the rest of Top Cat's gang), and an artist through PKMN Collectors is making Desert Flower (Huck's wife) in a more modern appearance.

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I’ve done a rearrangement of the userpics again! Some have remained, but there are new ones too, so here’s the list!

Albert (Facepalm/Project), Choo-Choo (Happy/Ugh), Drooper and Bingo (Huh?)
Faves (Default), Fleegle (Angry), Huck and Snag (BFFs/Sad), Madeline (Amused)
Madeline with Genevieve (Comfort), Snorky (Do Not Want), Splits (Shocked), Tracey (Embarrassed/Squee)

You’d know the solos of Fleegle and Snorky, as well as the couple shot of Drooper and Bingo. The rest though are different. The group shot of the Splits is new.

The default pic of course features all ten of these characters.

The Huck and Snag shots are both from Yogi’s First Christmas. The scene the BFFs one is from had Snag accidentally wind his legs up. Huck helps support him while he unwinds his legs. The other one is from when the group is singing Christmas carols. Yogi’s singing with a falsetto, which Huck and Snag both agree does not sound too great, which is actually a serious matter.

I’d made the userpics of Albert a couple of years ago.

The Madeline pics are new. They’re both from Madeline and the Dog Who Cried Wolf. In the comfort one, Genevieve has been injured, but due to her faking illness for attention previously, Madeline assumed she was faking due to nerves. The other shot is from the end, she and Genevieve share a laugh after agreeing on the moral of the episode, to always tell the truth.

Both pics of Chooch are from Choo-Choo Goes Ga-Ga. The ugh shot, he’s feeling nauseous mostly due to nerves of meeting Lola Glamour but calls it airsickness since he’s being snuck to the top floor via pulleys. The happy shot is from when he realises Lola is in fact his kittenhood friend Gertrude Hecklemeyer.

Finally, both shots of Tracey. You’ll recognise the squee one from previous uses. The embarrassed/shy one is new though. They’re both from A Tent Situation. The embarrassed/shy one is from when he first meets Brock, he’s surprised Brock already knows who he is. The squee one...well, this is Tracey after all, so of course he is fanboying over Professor Oak.

And there you have it! I hope to make a goodies post this week after certain DVDs (Madeline) and a certain plush (Huck) arrive. If they don’t, I do still have other stuff to show.

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Hey, everyone! I got these a week or so ago, but couldn't be bothered taking photos. Anywho, here's all of my latest goodies!

2015-07-15 14.01.082015-07-15 14.00.56
2015-07-15 14.00.382015-07-15 14.00.27

First up, it's the Half-Dog, Half-Cat, Half-Track monster truck including Huckleberry Hound and Snagglepuss. This was part of a set of toys from Hardee's for the series Fender Bender 500 (featured on Wake, Rattle and Roll). In the set, you could also get...
Jellystone Jammer - Yogi Bear and Boo Boo Bear
Dirty Truckster - Dick Dastardly and Muttley
Texas Twister - Quick Draw McGraw and Baba Looey
Swamp Monster - Magilla Gorilla and Wally Gator
It's a shame the Alley Cat (Top Cat and Choo-Choo) wasn't part of the set, but what can you do? At least they included this one!

Next, two books. I took photos of the front and back covers of them.
2015-08-07 19.27.41-12015-08-07 19.27.59-1
In this issue of the Top Cat annual, there are comics of Top Cat, as well as some comics featuring Touche Turtle and Dum Dum, stories about Yakky Doodle, a story about Snagglepuss (I squealed! XD) and one comic featuring Wally Gator.
2015-08-07 19.31.44-12015-08-07 19.34.15-1
As for this annual, again it heavily features Top Cat comics. There are a couple featuring Touche and Dum Dum again and some stories featuring Yakky Doodle.
The front cover of the second book, you can see T.C. is being hauled away, trashcan and all, by Officer Dibble. In case the picture isn't entirely clear enough, Benny, Choo-Choo and Spook are all shedding tears about it; Fancy-Fancy and Brain are sad but not as emotional.

Funny thing in these comics. In the cartoon, Brain was the 'dunce' of the group; he had his moments but was considered the dimmest. In the comics, he's a feline Einstein! Benny, the naive one, is considered the dimmest in the comics, though Choo-Choo (the intellectual) had his moments too. The comics are funny, of course, but there are also some very sweet moments.
One in particular: T.C. and the gang see a boat they'd like, but naturally can't afford it. They run into a cat who they soon find out is the son of a wealthy family. They decide to butter him up (after all, he'll share his wealth with them) and after a fun day, the cat reveals himself to them, gives them a blank check then goes to call home. As he does, they overhear him telling his parents he's finally found some friends who like him for him, not his wealth. Hearing that, they suddenly feel guilty so they write no value on the check, saying they make no charges for their friendship. The cat is touched by it, and invites them to his house. So, they still get to enjoy the lap of luxury, but have a new friend and consider that to be the best part. Best thing is, that is NOT OOC at all! Yes, they'd rather live like kings, but in the end, when they hear something like the rich cat had said, naturally their hearts take over and they wouldn't just go 'little does he know we do like him just for his money'. No, actually T.C., though he tries to hide it for the most part, is just as sweet as the rest of the group.

I've been redownloading Hanna-Barbera stuff again because as you know, my other SD card carked it. But, this time I have a 16GB card that was bought in a shop, not online, so there's more of a chance of it not being faulty. So, I got the usual stuff as well as some movies. Among the movies, I got some I do have on DVD but only for screencapping and song-grabbing purposes. One of which was The Good, the Bad and Huckleberry Hound. I had to screencap the adorable moments of Huck and Desert Flower, and boy, did they have some cute scenes! Here, I'll show you!
From their first date, to Huck's proposal by song (and her acceptance), to when they were wed and then with their kids (the kids don't have canon names, so I call the girl Sunny, the older boy Sky and the infant boy L'il Blue).

I made this the other night featuring certain characters...
Yep! The Banana Splits (Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snorky), Huckleberry Hound, Snagglepuss, Choo-Choo, Madeline, Albert and Tracey (with his Marill). It's a rough job, but best I could do on my tablet! It's my current profile pic and cover photo on Facebook, and may soon serve as a default pic here (yep, another pic arrangement will be coming soon).

I have also been working on some fanfics as of late. I hope to have them all posted on here by the end of the evening, I just hope LJ is kind to me and let me do it this time...

So, that's all of the good stuff out of the way. As for the bad, I am dealing with some bad arthritis in my right index finger, especially in the middle joint. I have a ganglion cyst, my joint is swollen and stiff...yeah. Not fun. Still awaiting on word from the hospital about my appointment, but it could be another month yet.

Anyway, that's it for now.

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Hasn't been a lot in the mail, so after my Top Cat annuals arrive, I will do a goodies post featuring those and the Half-Dog, Half-Cat, Half-Track monster truck with Huck and Snag in it.

I'm not a night owl at the moment. Latest I stayed up in the last week was to 11:30, and waking at 6:30 or 7:30 depending.

Yes, I am still sick and still sore. But, I have a medical exemption so the government can't force me to do work for the dole yet.

Another SD card carked it, making me lose all my Hanna-Barbera again...Yo Yogi!, Yogi's Treasure Hunt, Scooby's All-Star Laff-a-Lympics and Galaxy Goof-Ups. Sheesh! I need to stop ordering them online, they've gotta be faulty.

We're getting the internet here, so I can get them again. I'll be Skyping again too, but will keep it to two days a week so as not to eat up the data too quick.

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